Policy on Vaccinated-Only Sections

“We will respect the disease and give thanks to God for the gift of science.”  – Rev. Elizabeth Eaton, Presiding Bishop of the ELCA

We celebrate the science and labor that has brought us multiple highly effective vaccines against COVID-19. This is great news!  As more people are able and willing to get vaccinated, we look forward to the growing ability to gather and connect in-person. Until the community and region at large is able to socialize more freely, we will limit the scope and use of Vaccinated-Only Sections and continue to practice safe protocols on our property. 

How we will verify vaccination status:

If you are fully vaccinated, you may choose to share proof of vaccination with a member of our staff.  These sections will be available by appointment only. We encourage you to pre-verify before events, by contacting the church office or member of our staff directly. Our office will keep a list and prepare guest lists in advance, to make check-in easier for our hosts. 

How we will use “Vaccinated-Only Sections”:

These areas will be well-marked, so it’s easy to know when to wear a mask. When you’re outside of a Vaccinated-Only Section, regardless of your status, you must continue to wear a mask and distance. This will help everyone know where and when to follow protocols.  

Why we’re limiting the size of Vaccinated-Only Sections”:

For now, we will be limiting the size and use of our Vaccinated-Only Sections and filling them by appointment only.  We will prioritize leaders, volunteers, caregivers, elders, and others with special needs or considerations. This will allow us to direct more of our resources towards welcoming newcomers, inclusion and planning meaningful events.   

To find a vaccination location near you visit Vaccinate WA.  For COVID-19 Information Hotline, dial 1-833-VAX-HELP (833-829-4357), then press #. Language assistance is available.

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