CoCreate Space

Bring your “to-do’s” to SJU!

CoCreate Space open every Wednesday and Friday from 9am – 3pm

Click here to reserve a spot

SJU is trying out a new ministry called the “CoCreate Space” where we offer space for community members to bring their personal or professional tasks. It’s like co-working but more focused on co-creating community while you accomplish what you want or need to do!

We’re calling this a “CoCreate Space” because our intent is that it be a space focused on community and care more than individualistic productivity like other co-work options. We know that the settling landscape of remote work can be wearisome and that many are craving more connection with others. Our hope is that this can be one way to better steward the space we have and serve the larger community.

We’re also hosting some simple gatherings for things like crafting, reading, puzzling, etc. If you have a group activity you’d like to help facilitate just let us know!

We’re running a trial through the end of the year with people both from our church and beyond. If you plan to come by, just sign up for a slot here to let us know. If you or someone you know someone may be interested, or if you have questions, contact the church office at or 206-784-1040.

Our newly refurbished board room and downstairs classroom are both available for CoCreators!


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