COVID Update: Property Use & Gathering Guidelines

Visitors are welcome!

For everyone’s sake, help us return to in-person gatherings and welcome guests to our property by practicing safe and compassionate precautions. 

When in doubt:

Foster inclusion, not exclusion.

Extend grace and some extra space.

Move at your own pace.

When Indoors

Wear a mask and practice distancing in common areas of the building at all times.   The only areas not considered “common” are those that have been explicitly designated as such by church staff, such as private office areas or approved Vaccinated-Only Section. 


Some gatherings may have well marked “Vaccinated-only Sections“. In these areas, masks and distancing are not necessary. When such sections are available, they will be clearly marked and hosted by a staff member or volunteer. We encourage pre-verifying your vaccination status with church staff. For more information, read our Update Policy on Vaccinated-Only Sections.

Staff may choose to offer food and beverages inside at a gathering when it does not pose a barrier to inclusion or increased public health risk. In such cases, the area where food may be consumed will be clearly articulated and you may remove your mask to eat.  Please put your mask back on when you are no longer eating and when you leave the area where food is being served. 

When Outdoors

If you are fully vaccinated you may remove your mask. During worship and any gathering of more than 10 people, please continue to wear your mask and practice distance, regardless of your vaccination status


You may remove your mask to eat or drink.  Please limit the length of these times and put your mask on when not eating. 

Hosting Small Groups:

We have begun to welcome small groups to return to the building by invitation.  We will begin accepting applications for building use sometime after July 15th. 

Please continue to:

  • Stay home if you feel sick.
  • Wash or sanitize your hands frequently.
  • Sign into the building, so we can notify you in case of COVID exposure. 
  • Contact the church office if you visited the church property while infected with COVID.

For information about hosting a group or gathering, please contact the church office. 


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