Pets of SJU

There are many beloved pets that keep us company around the property. The pups below are so valued, they’re like members of our staff! Their compensation includes belly rubs, bones and games of fetch.

Title: Branch Manager
Responsibilities: Greeting people with his “toothy grin”, noticing everything that happens in the building, chasing balls, and receiving belly rubs.
Title: Maintainance Supervisor
Nicknames: Staddie
Favorite Activites: Playing with dogs and bones
Favorite Snack: Bananas
Title: Coziness Master
Nicknames: Dr. McCoy, Shabootie
Favorite Activies: long walks on the beach and curling up on an electric blanket (ignoring the “not for use with animals” warning)
Loves: giving kisses

Bringing your dog to SJU

The occasional dog accompanies their human in worship or at other events. Your pup is welcome if they’re able to play well with others. Here are some basic guidelines to consider:

  • Bringing your dog to church is a privilege. Pay attention to whether your dog is becoming a hinderence or overly distracting. Be prepared to leave if necessary.
  • When you take your dog outside, clean up after them and dispose of any waste in a garbage can.
  • Barking happens. No big deal. The occasional noise is okay. If it happens more than a couple of times in succession, it’s probably time to take a walk. Special consideration should be made for concerts.
  • Keep an eye on your dog and be especially mindful of children and those with mobility issues. Dogs that jump or roam under foot can cause people to trip or loose their balance.
  • While we are a dog friendly community, not everyone wants to get up close and personal. Consider consent and don’t assume everyone wants dog attention. Give folks their space if they’re not interested.

Please note:

  • During the Hot Meal Program, Service Animals only are allowed.
  • Service Animals and Service Animals in Training are allowed at all times in places where the public are also welcome.

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