What’s Growing On: News from the Community Garden

Grow with us in 2020!

We hope you all enjoyed gardening in our community this past growing season. As we head into the holidays, we’re thankful for many things:

  • All of our new gardeners this year
  • Volunteers tirelessly working in the garden to make it easier to grow delicious organic food
  • For St. John United’s land and water as our foundation for gardening
  • Support from a local non-profit to purchase new materials to make our garden nook a safer and more accessible site. 

Moving into 2020, the SJU garden committee will continue to provide behind-the-scenes planning, collaboration and tips to get you ready for next year’s growing season!  This fall we made some big improvements to the plots and gardening areas, thanks in part to a grant from local non-profit Groundswell Northwest and also to the hard work of our volunteer garden committee.   The garden plots are now compliant with the Seattle Department of Transportation and are of a height that is more accessible to all.  Thank you everyone for their contributions this year!

Renew your garden plot for 2020 now!

If you wish to retain your plot and continue growing with us in 2020, please follow these steps:

  • Review the revised 2020 garden plot map. 
  • Read and sign the updated 2020 Community Garden Guidelines & Agreement,  Items that have been updated:  #2, #9, #11 & #12.  If you wish to move to a new or vacant plot, include your top three choices.
  • Email your signed Agreement page to Garden Committee by January 1, 2020. For contact information, use the form below.
  • Plots not renewed after January 1st will be offered to gardeners on our waiting list on a first come first assigned basis.  

Turn Down your Garden Bed for Winter

Take it from a veteran gardener–good winter soil preparations are the key to a smoother transition into spring planting!

  • Fresh zoo doo is now available for garden plot mulch on a first come first served basis!  Help your garden plot with a wheelbarrow of steaming poo located in the red truck at the N.W. parking lot.  
  • Top off your poo pile plot with a cozy winter cover.  We have straw bales by the garden kiosk and and cardboard behind the blue dumpster.  

For more information about the SJU Community Garden, including applying for a plot, contact the church office or fill out this form to reach a member of the Garden Committee.

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