Quilters invited every Thursday 12-2 PM

Three quilters modifying a quilt top

The SJU Quilting Group, Fabric Fantasy, continues to meet every Thursday preserving the handwork and creativity of one generation for another. Demonstrating this, Dan Kamm donated a quilt top that had been made by his grandmother. The group got to work. They cut it down to the 60 inch by 80 inch size. They put an extra layer on the back and stitched it by machine to give it more support. Some tender seams were patched and mended. The quilt was then assembled with a red sheet for backing and polyester fiberfill for batting. The pattern Dan’s grandmother used was the log cabin pattern which has a red hearth in the center of each square and many strips around it of patterns and colors. Each square was anchored by a red yarn tie in the hearth and more ties. The final step was sewing the red backing by machine for the border.

The quilters welcome everyone to come and enjoy the fun. Thursdays at noon in the Fellowship Hall until 2pm. No experience necessary. Expert instruction! Best of all, a wonderful feeling of accomplishment that goes with knowing these quilts are going around the world to people in need.

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