Current COVID Phase & Protocols

Visitors are welcome.

Our Building Phase system is based on King County Public Health Key Indicators and is primarily designed to assist staff and other users host gatherings in a way that is safe and consistent with the values of our community. For information about all phases, read our SJU COVID Phases & Protocols.

For Hosts of Gatherings

Under the Red Phase, hosts may utilize Honor System Protocols or Verified-Vaccinated Only Protocols. All gatherings, whether on-time rentals or recurring, must first be approved by SJU staff.

Verified-Vaccinated Only Protocols

  • Guests must show proof of vaccination or negative COVID test. 
  • Area must be clearly marked. 
  • Masking is optional.  Food service is okay.
  • Singing ok if masked or by approval of the church office.
  • Limit to 50% room capacity.
  • Children should remain masked, except when eating.
  • Children under 3, parents exercise discretion around masking.

Honor System Protocols

  • Vaccination status is not monitored. 
  • Individuals are expected to regulate themselves.  
  • Masking is required by all persons.
  • No food service, except by permission of the church office. 
  • No singing.
  • Limit to 25% room capacity.
  • Children should remain masked. 
  • Children under 3, parents exercise discretion around masking.

Fill out a Building Use Application or contact the church office directly for information on hosting a gathering.


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