Update re Covid-19: Gatherings Suspended

Sunday Morning Worship – Cancelled until Palm Sunday, April 5th  

NEW Online Worship Available Sunday Morning

The doors of the church building will be closed on Sunday and no one from our staff will be present. We will provide a pre-recorded online worship experience, which will be made available via our website and social media accounts. Tune in anytime after 10:30am. This is new territory for us, so we ask for your grace.  

Thursday Evening Soup Suppers & Vespers – Cancelled

NEW Zoom Conversation & Prayer on Wednesdays in Lent at 6pm

All of the Lenten Soup Suppers & Vespers have been cancelled.  We grieve the loss of this much beloved gathering time. As an alternative, we will offer virtual conversation via Zoom to check in with one another and share about our Lenten fast from single-use plastic (or maybe something else for you!)  You can join the call online (https://zoom.us/j/461845707) or using your phone (+1 669 900 9128).

Small Gatherings – Still On  

At this time, small gatherings are still permissible.  Please do take all recommended precautions, including sanitizing high touch surfaces before and after gathering, and staying away if you are sick. 

March 21st Quilters Meet Quilters Event Postponed to May 30th

Please mark your calendars for the tentative new date for this event – Saturday, May 30th. If it  becomes necessary to reschedule again, that information will be published through our website, social media accounts and email. Contact the church office to be added to the email list 

Church Office Open & Pastor Available

The church office will still be open, but schedules may shift as conditions change.  Feel free to stop by or make an appointment. Please be mindful that we are actually more busy than usual, while also trying to allow our staff and volunteers to take needed and healthy time away. 

Building Tenants Exercising Discretion

We have a wide variety of tenants and building users, who are all exercising discretion and care for their communities.  Some have cancelled office hours or events, and others continue to meet. Our users are currently being allowed to continue meeting, as long as they follow certain precautions. Please contact organizations individually if you have questions about their events. 

PNA Hot Meal Program & Nightly S.H.A.R.E. Shelter Still Functioning

These critical programs continue to operate with heightened protocols. We are in close contact with them and working together to ensure the safety and health of all who participate.  If you would like to support these programs, contact the church office or visit their websites for more information. Donations and volunteer help are always needed, especially at this critical time.

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