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Returning to In-Person Gatherings

Dear ones, It is with joy, and a healthy dose of fear, that I write to invite you into the next phase of gathering ourselves back together again.  With fear, because the risks of COVID-19 are still real and it will take time to… Continue Reading “Returning to In-Person Gatherings”

Virtual Service, Real Liturgy

By Nathan Jensen I was about ten years old when the green Lutheran Book of Worship was published. The son of an ALC pastor who through the Lutheran merger became an ELCA pastor, I was at that time discovering music as a passion in… Continue Reading “Virtual Service, Real Liturgy”

Holy Week & Easter 2020

Maundy Thursday, April 9th 10 minute Devotion with Pr Anna When: 6pm and 9pm on April 9th Where: Live in the Community of St. John United Facebook Group What: Pr Anna will offer short live devotions, appropriate for the day, including a bible reading… Continue Reading “Holy Week & Easter 2020”

From Pastor Anna

Dear ones, It’s been a long year this week. I don’t know the origins of this phrase, but I do know that I’ve put it into frequent use recently. It conveys simply and aptly how these last few weeks have felt.  It’s been harder… Continue Reading “From Pastor Anna”