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Updated Policy on Vaccinated-Only Sections

“We will respect the disease and give thanks to God for the gift of science.”   – Rev. Elizabeth Eaton, Presiding Bishop of the ELCA We celebrate the science and labor that has brought us multiple highly effective vaccines against COVID-19. This is great news! … Continue Reading “Updated Policy on Vaccinated-Only Sections”

Virtual Service, Real Liturgy

By Nathan Jensen I was about ten years old when the green Lutheran Book of Worship was published. The son of an ALC pastor who through the Lutheran merger became an ELCA pastor, I was at that time discovering music as a passion in… Continue Reading “Virtual Service, Real Liturgy”

From Pastor Anna

Dear ones, It’s been a long year this week. I don’t know the origins of this phrase, but I do know that I’ve put it into frequent use recently. It conveys simply and aptly how these last few weeks have felt.  It’s been harder… Continue Reading “From Pastor Anna”

Church Building Closed Until Futher Notice

As a colleague recently said, these days “love looks like an empty building.” I write to you from this place we all know as being vibrant with activity. Today it is quiet. Your presence is deeply missed!  But, we trust that we are a… Continue Reading “Church Building Closed Until Futher Notice”