Danish Kitchens Cookbook

Originally gathered in 1941, the From Danish Kitchens cookbook enjoys its 17th Edition (2011). Only 35,000 copies of this edition were printed.

PREFACE from the cookbook:
The purpose of this cook book is to preserve favorite Danish recipes. All people who have enjoyed Danish cooking will be delighted to find within the covers of this book recipes that employ measurements and directions which are easy to follow. The committee has endeavored to judge all recipes — to perfect them as much as possible. No testing kitchen was available. However, with the effort of the committee being as sincere as it was there can be little chance of anything but successful results.

Whoever uses this cook book must realize that Danish dishes require high grade products. The user must also realize that many recipes vary slightly in different sections of Denmark. In some cases several recipes for a dish are included in the book due to its popularity and the value of each recipe.

The Annex Club of St. John United Lutheran Church, 5515 Phinney Ave., Seattle, Washington, sponsored the idea of gathering these recipes. Through the cooperation of its members the cook book grew.

To make this cook book possible recipes and assistance from many people were necessary. It is impossible to name all who helped but the committee shall attempt to name some of its most generous contributors and advisers.

They gratefully acknowledge the work of Miss Mary G. Matson, Mrs. A.E. Sorensen, Mrs. A.E. Faldborg, Mrs. AageAndersen, Mrs. MartinHansen, Mrs.P.Hassing, Mrs.E.Dixen, Mrs.W.N.Hostrop, Mrs.Ingeborg Christensen, Mrs. Harry Falck, Mrs.Chr. Lauritsen, Mrs. Marie Johanson, Mrs. Jennie Holmes, Mrs. P.J. Hansen, Miss Mertice Gronlund, Mrs. O.P.Jensen, Miss Edith Jørgensen, Mrs. Oline Farland, Mrs.Meta Jørgensen, Mrs.J.Anderton, Mrs.A.P.Ditlefson, Mrs.Rasmus Jensen, Miss Dorothy Block, Mrs. T.P. Olson, Mrs. John Jørgensen.

The Annex feels deeply indebted to the members of the cook book committee: Mrs. N.P. Taft,  Miss Ann Lehmann, Mrs. Anna Lauritsen, Mrs. Chris Andersen, Mrs. Harald Christiansen,  Mrs. Einar Nielsen, Gertrude H. Mortensen (Chairman)

Cookbooks can be purchased by contacting the office@stjohnunited.org.