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Quilters invited every Thursday 12-2 PM

Three quilters modifying a quilt top

The SJU Quilting Group, Fabric Fantasy, continues to meet every Thursday preserving the handwork and creativity of one generation for another. Demonstrating this, Dan Kamm donated a quilt top that had been made by his grandmother. The group got to work. They cut it… Continue Reading “Quilters invited every Thursday 12-2 PM”

Reducing Carbon Use by Fixing Leaks

To reduce our carbon foot print, members of the SJU Green Team and Property Committee are working to minimize air leaks around our entrances. Before the team can add weather stripping to the doors and frames, they had to repair the doors so they… Continue Reading “Reducing Carbon Use by Fixing Leaks”

Green Team Summit Watch Party Sept. 11

Join us to hear Dr. Katharine Hayhoe, explore her most recent book, “Saving Us: A Climate Scientist’s Case for Hope and Healing in a Divided World” at a watch party Sunday after noon, September 11 in the SJU Fellowship hall. Doors open at 2:30… Continue Reading “Green Team Summit Watch Party Sept. 11”

2022 Cider Pressing was Delicious!

St John United Church’s 8th annual cider pressing party was more fun than a barrel of apples! Forty people took part, some folks who were associated with the church, and some who saw the posters on Phinney Ridge and joined in. With music, donuts,… Continue Reading “2022 Cider Pressing was Delicious!”