Current COVID Phase & Protocols

Visitors are welcome.

Our property is operating under Honor System Protocols in the Green Phase, based on Low – Moderate Community Transmission levels in our area. This means masking is not required at this time, but strongly encouraged when the situation warrants, such as when working with vulnerable and immune compromised persons or for those who are not fully vaccinated.

Testing for COVID before gatherings, especially if you will be engaging in higher risk activities, is another great way to curtail the spread of COVID.  You may contact the church office to pick up an at-home covid test. 

Please stay home if you have been exposed to covid or are displaying symptoms and follow current public health guidance regarding isolation, quarantine, testing and masking.

Our Building Phase system is based on King County Public Health Key Indicators and is primarily designed to assist staff and other users host gatherings in a way that is safe and consistent with the values of our community. For information about all phases, read our 2022 SJU COVID Phases & Protocols.

For Hosts of Gatherings

Under the Green Phase, hosts may utilize Honor System Protocols or Verified-Vaccinated Only Protocols. The property operates under Honor System Protocols unless otherwise posted or announced. All gatherings, whether one-time rentals or recurring, must first be approved by SJU staff.

Honor System Protocols

  • Vaccination status is not monitored. Individuals are expected to regulate themselves.
  • Masking is not required, but strongly encouraged for those who are not fully vaccinated.
  • Food service okay.
  • Singing is okay.
  • 50% room capacities.
  • Children who are not fully vaccinated should remain masked, except when eating.
  • Outdoor gathering of 10 or more.
  • Food service okay.
  • Singing okay.

Verified-Vaccinated Only Protocols

  • Guests must show proof of vaccination or negative COVID test. Area must be clearly marked. Masking is optional.
  • Food service is okay.
  • Singing is okay.
  • 100% room capacities.
  • Children who are not fully vaccinated may accompany a fully vaccinated adult and should remain masked except when eating.
  • For outdoor gatherings of 10 or more food service and singing is okay.


Fill out a Building Use Application or contact the church office directly for information on hosting a gathering.


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